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Wheel Loader >>XZ636/XZ636L

product01 Model : XZ720

- Operating weight:27.5t ±0.5t
- Standard load:20t
- Engine power:175KW
- Engine model:WD615G.240

Brief introduction
1- Equipped with Styre diesel engine WD615G.240,which is of excellent performance and reliability
2- Diesel engine-torque converter-transmission.match rationally,powerful traction force in mixed working conditions.
3- Flexible- operated transmission,easy and low-effort control.
4- Single stage,4 elements(double turbine) converter enable continuously variable transmission,make it stable to start and easy to control.
5- Power shift transmission,implement hydraulic system.easy and low-effort control.
6- Fully hydraulic flow amplified steering system,easy snd low-effort reliability.
7- Z-bar loader linkage is capable of high breakout force and high dump height.
8- All-wheel,dual-line,disc-caliper-type brakes,rear mounted air reserviors,ensure safety and reliability.
9- Quenched intergral cutting edge bucket,more strength,better wearing resistance and long life.
10- New,sound insulated,air pressurization cab with optional air conditioner provides excellent visibility and operator's station.
11- Intergral openable hood,make it easy to maintain engine
12- Optional various implements

 Model    XZ720
 Overall length(A)  mm  10030
 Overall width  mm  3095
 Overall height(B)  mm  3350
 Wheel base(C)  mm 4200 
 Wheel track  mm  2290
 Min.ground clearance(D)   mm 420
 Max.lifting height of fork levelly(E)  mm  4170 
 Fork width(F)  mm 1460
 Max.fork width(G)  mm 1300 
 Min.fork width(H)  mm 750 
 Max.rollback at ground  °  20°
 Turning radius  mm  7970 
 Operating weight  t 27 
 Static load,straight  t  20
 Static load,at full turn  t 16 
 Traction force  KN  180
 Climbing gradient  °  25°
 Actuation time for working system
 Raise  Lower(empty bucket)  Total
 7s  6s 14.2s 
 Travel speed
 Forward gear I   km/h  6.5
 Forward gear II   km/h  12
 Forward gear III   km/h  20
 Forward gear IV   km/h  36
 Reverse gear I   km/h  6.5
 Reverse gear II   km/h  12
 Reverse gear III   km/h  20
 Reverse gear IV   km/h  36
 Engine model   WD615G.240 
 Rated power  KW  175
 Rated speed  r/min  2200
 Max.torque  Nm  920
 Total air displacement  L  9.726
 Number of cylinder-bore×stroke    6-φ126×130
 Rated fuel consumption rate  g/(kwh)  232
 Transmission system
 Hydraulic torque converter type    Single-stage three-element
 Torque coefficient    Ko=3.166
 Cooling method    Oil-cooling pressure sirculation
 Inlet oil pressure  MPa  0.4-0.5
 Gearbox type   Fixed-spindie 
 Driving axle type of final drive    Straight toothed spur-gear planetary transmission
 Reduction ratio    5.333:1
 Driving axle type of main transmission    One-strange spiral bevel gear deceleration
 Reduction ratio    4.625:1
 Tyre specification    26.5-25
 Hydraulic system    
 Working oil pump    JHP3125
 Working system pressure  MPa  22
 Type of distribution valve   D32 
 Type of steering system    Coaxial flux-enlarging articulated fully hydraulic steering
 Steering pump    CBGj2080
 Steering system pressure  MPa  18.5

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