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226B Diesel Bulldozer Engines

Weichai Deutz 226B Series Diesel Engine is manufactured by the joint venture of Weichai and Deutz Company of Germany. Two models of diesel engine of TD226B—4 and TD226B—6 can be used in bulldozers. These engines have the advantages of low fuel consumption, low noise, god emission, large torque storage, and the long lift. The torque storage can reach to 35%. The radiator fan, flux water pump and the cooling area of water tank are enlarged, and can fulfill the strict cooling requirement of bulldozer. The air filter with exhaust gas absorbing equipment, has improved the effect of the effect of filtering in 20%, and protected the engine from early wear and tear. They are the ideal engines for 80ps to 140ps bulldozers.

WD615 Series Bulldozer Engines

According to the request of bulldozer manufactures, there is normally no air compressor installed on WD615 series diesel engine. There installed special power take-off equipment, and the turbocharger is at the middle of the engine.

The diesel engines for bulldozers, with the power range from 128kW to 175kW, are the ideal power for 160ps to 220ps bulldozers.

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