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Spare parts >> Overland Generating Sets >> Weichai Deutz 226B Series Land Generating Sets

product01 Weichai Deutz 226B Series Land Generating Sets

Weichai Deutz 226B Series Land Generating Sets is matched by 226B series diesel engine made by the joint venture of Germany and our company, and alternators of famous brand such as Stamford or Marathon. The continuous output is from 18kw to 120kw. It is departed into normal generating set and automatic generating set (AMF) according to its control method. It can be matched into trailer type, closed frame type etc.

Main components of the generating sets:

  Alternator: Marathon, or Stanford alternator;

  Control Panel:  Control panel is installed on common base by shock absorber. Air filter is accompied when the generating sets is delivered.

  Optional components: Engine protection module, parallel equipment, common base oil tank, electric governor, automatic start, automatic transfer switch(ATS), remote-control equipment, closed frame type, rain-proof sheld, and trailer type.

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