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Spare parts >> Marine Generating Sets >> Weichai WD615/618 Series Marine Generating Sets

product01 Weichai R6160/6160 Series Marine Generating Sets

R6160/6160 Series Marine Generating Sets are powered by R6160/6160 series diesel engines and fitted up with Lanzhou or Weichai alternators. The rotating speed is 150-250kW. CSS or ZY, BV can be supplied.

  GB/T13032-1991 Standard is applied for the manufacturing and inspection of the generating sets.

Main components of the generating sets:

  Alternator:  Lanzhou generator with F insulation grade, protected grade is IP23.

  Parallel function:  Two or more normal marine generating sets can transfer loading without stopping, and can realize parallel.

  Protection function:  There are over-limit alarming for speed, oil pressure, cool-water temperature and oil temperature.

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