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Wheel Loader >>XZ667

product01 Model : XZ667

- Standard bucket capacity :3.3m3
- Rated load:6.0t
- Operating weight:20.0±0.5t.
- Engine power: 175KW

Brief introduction
1- Equipped with Styre diesel engine WD10G240E11,which is of excellent performance and reliability
2- Diesel engine-torque converter-transmission.match rationally,powerful traction force in mixed working conditions.
3- Flexible- operated transmission,easy and low-effort control.
4- Single stage,4 elements(double turbine) converter enable continuously variable transmission,make it stable to start and easy to control.
5- Power shift transmission,implement hydraulic system.easy and low-effort control.
6- Fully hydraulic flow amplified steering system,easy snd low-effort reliability.
7- Z-bar loader linkage is capable of high breakout force and high dump height.
8- All-wheel,dual-line,disc-caliper-type brakes,rear mounted air reserviors,ensure safety and reliability.
9- Quenched intergral cutting edge bucket,more strength,better wearing resistance and long life.
10- New,sound insulated,air pressurization cab with optional air conditioner provides excellent visibility and operator's station.
11- Intergral openable hood,make it easy to maintain engine 12- Optional various implements

 Overall dimension    
  Length (Bucket on the ground)  mm 8450±30
 Height  mm  3480±30
 Width  mm  3030±30
 Max. dumping height  mm  3170±20
 Dumping reach  mm  1270±20
 Operating weight  t  20.0±0.5
 Bucket capacity  M3  3.3
 Rated load  t  6.0
 Wheel base   mm   3350±15
 Wheel track   mm   2285±15
 Min. ground clearance   mm   450±20
 Engine model     Styre WD615G.240
 Engine Rated power  KW   175
 Engine Max. torque  NM  920
 Engine Displacement     9.726
 Climbing gradient   °  ≥28°
Breakout force  KN   >180
 Traction force  KN  >155
 No. of shift (forward/reverse)    4/4
  Traveling speed  Forward gear   km/h  8.5
 Forward gear Ⅱ   km/h  16.5
 Forward gear   km/h  25.0
 Forward gear   km/h  42.0

 Reverse gear

  km/h  8.5
 Reverse gear   km/h  16.5
 Reverse gear   km/h  25.0
 Reverse gear   km/h  42.0
 Lifting time  S  6.3
 Hydraulic cycle time  S  11.8
 Tire    26.5-25

1- Loose material bucket 4.5m3
2- cool & warm type A/C, warm -wind type, Pre-heating system, Radio
3- Various implements high-dump loader(XZ667L) with 4.5m3 bucket and rated load is 4.5t.
4- Joystick controller

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