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product01 WD12 series truck diesel engine

Relying on outstanding performance and quality advantages, WD12 specialized truck diesel engines have always kept superiority in medium and heavy-duty truck market and held constantly the first place in the market.

With the features of strong power, reliable performance and low noise, Weichai Power specialized Euro II truck diesel engines are ideal power for trucks.

Characteristic Performance of Specialized Truck Diesel Engine

More economical

WD12 diesel truck engine has a broad range of big torque, and its fuel economy is fine at all conditions. The performance has been improved obviously and the fuel consumption decreased by more than 10% after optimization for combustion

More powerful

Wide power range(336-480kW) and high torque back up (up to 30) of the engine insure the vehicle working

normally under all kinds of conditions.

More reliable

High rigidity of cylinder block with special framed main bearing structure, strict quality management system and global sourcing for major components insure the reliability of the engine. The target of durability reaches l0000h without major overhaul.

More practical

One cylinder one head is convenient for maintenance. Major parts of WD615 and WD12 engines are interchangeable thus lower the running costs. Outline dimensions of the whole series are of the same which can make the design and manufacture easier.

Environmental friendly

By optimizing of the combustion, intake and fuel supply systems of the engine,  emissions of exhaust pollutants from any Weichai Power product for vehicle are prior to the limit of Euro II regulation and has the potential for meeting Euro III.

Good starting performance at low temperature

The engine can be started normally at -15 without any auxiliary equipment, and it can be started smoothly at-40 with auxiliary equipment.The engine can be operated normally at plateau with an elevation of 5000m.

Besides, the brake system of the vehicle can be controlled effectively by  WEVB (Weichai Exhaust Valve Brake) system, and the brake rate has been increased by 55%, and thus the safty of both vehicle and passangers are increased.

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