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Wheel Loader >> XZ657

product01 Model : XZ657

- Standard capacity :2.7m3
- Rated load:5.0t
- Engine model:WD615 67G3
- Rated power: 162KW

Brief introduction
1- The single rocker and long wheelbase design, as well as the using of solid implement and frame ,ensure stability, enlarge the breakout force and short cycle time. The product is of excellent performance and meets the need of loading and unloading heavy material in mines .articulated frame ,turn radius is small.
2- Quenched integral cutting edge bucket,more strength,better wearing resistance and long life.
3- Double-turbine hydraulic torque converter,planetary power shift transmission ,easy control and high reliability.
4- Pilot systen ,ensure low-effort control,nicety and high work efficiency.
5-Dual-pump confluence hydraulic system,excellent power performance,save energy and oil consumption.
6- Fully hydraulic flow amplified steering system,easy ansd low-effort control reliability.
7- Large flowrate paper filters in hydraulic oil container,ensure the cleaniess and long life of hydraulic system,and decrease the breakdown rate of hydraulic components.
8- Simple piping installation ,ease of repair.
9- All-wheel,dual-line,disc-caliper-type brakes,real mounted air reservoirs,and emergency brake,ensure safety and reliability.
10-New ,sound insulated ,air pressurization cab with optional air conditioner provides excellent visibility and operator's station.

Overall dimension    XZ657
 Length (Bucket on the ground)  mm  7920 ± 30
 Width mm   2910 ±30
 Height  mm  3380 ± 30
 Dumping reach mm   1320 ±20
 Operation weight 17.0±0.5t
 Bucket capacity m3  2.7
 Rated load t 5.0 
 Turning angle °   37± 1
 Wheel base mm  3200 ± 15 
 Wheel track mm   2260 ± 15
 Bucket width mm   3050 ± 30
 Min. ground clearance mm  440 ± 20 
 Engine model    Styre WD615.67G3-28
 Engine Rated power KW  162 
 Engine Max. torque N/m   843
 Engine Displacement  L 9.726 
 Max. climbing gradient °   ≥28°
 Min. turning radius (outside bucket) mm   7100
 Max. breakout force  KN  ≥145
 No. of shift (forward/reverse)    2/1
 Traveling speed  Forward gear Ⅰ  km/h  12
 Forward gear Ⅱ  38
 Reverse gear Ⅰ  16
 Fuel tank capacity  L 325 
 Hydraulic tank capacity  L  215
 Lifting time  S
 Hydraulic cycle time  S 11.5 
 Tire    23.5-25-16PR

Optional equipment
1 - Loose material bucket, rock bucket
2 - ROPS(roller protective structure), FOPS(Fall protective structure)
3 - cool & warm type A/C, warm -wind type, Pre-heating system, Radio
4 - Shanghai C6121ZG diesel engine(CAT Type), Cummins engine, Meritor axle, ZF transmission
5 - Electronic weighing

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